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2016/10/12 9:43:27
The pace of packaged LED and solid-state lighting (SSL) product announcements has certainly escalated of late, coincident with the more widespread usage of the technology in greenhouses and vertical, urban farms. Cree began the summer announcing its Photo Red packaged LED for horticultural applications and now just four months later has said that performance has increased by 21% in both the new XLamp XQ-E and XP-E High Efficiency (HE) LEDs. The improvement will enable horticultural lighting manufacturers to reduce the size of luminaires and/or cut system cost.
2016/10/11 11:08:29
Power ranging from 5 watt to 60 watt, are suited to illuminate various outdoor areas including streets, parks, roads, gardens. The compact and artistic design is attractive for customers. Comparing with traditional solar street lights, these all-in-one integrated solar LED lights are much easier to ship and install, with less transportation and installation efforts.
2016/10/11 11:01:16
The worldwide lighting market will grow to approximately EUR 110 billion ($159 billion) in 2020, with 80% of that total from general lighting, according to a report from McKinsey & Company (Munich, Germany).